Al-Yasmeen Company is an engineering company established in 2010, since when it succeeded to gain leadership in the Egyptian market in the field of power generation and water desalination throughout the years by the devotion of its staff that has built a strong business relationship, due to its wide and strong range of products in both public and private sectors.

Al-Yasmeen engineering company objective is opening a new window of Safe & Clean water environment in the Egyptian market and later in the MENA region.

Using new technologies and supply's customers with highest quality products and best services while tailoring each solution to the customerís technical and provide best values for money and commercial needs.

As Egypt is one of the regions in the world blessed with high solar incidence, and as studies have revealed that with the present rate of usage, all fossil fuel resources will be practically depleted within this decade thereby stressing the need to develop cheaper sources of renewable energy of which solar applications would play an important role.

Al Yasmeen is looking forward to innovate in the field of Solar Energy, and offering distinctive, reliable solutions to the energy sector in Egypt.

Al-Yasmeen Company is specialized in:

Design, installation and operating of water desalination plants, water treatment, filtering systems & waste water recycling (water re-use).
Supply of water pumps & pipelines.
Installation of water reservoirs.
Operation &Maintenance of water plants services.
Fire fighting systems.
Electromechanical projects.
General supplier